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The Way Way Back & Last Chance Harvey [29 Jul 2016|09:37pm]

[ mood | awake ]

A pair of heart-warmers:

I usually prefer my comedies to have a bit more edge/bite than this gentle offering but it has still won me over with some nice performances and a significant quantity of charm. It's a pretty simple coming of age story and there are plenty of those about but this is well written, has a decent central performance from the very likable Liam James and most of all has an excellent supporting cast which includes Steve Carrel, Toni Collette and Sam Rockwell. On this form I could have enjoyed this film just for Rockwell alone but the rest of the cast contribute and I find my cynical self disarmed.

Last Chance Harvey:
Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson play the romantic leads here. I hesitate to use the word rom-com as despite the presence of humour it isn't really a comedy. The humour is nicely balanced with drama and nice character moments. I like this film more than most films of its type for a few reasons. Firstly, the characters are older and it is just more interesting to watch two older people whose lives are somewhat defined by their loneliness skirt around a serious relationship. If the movie featured a pair of twenty-somethings it would not have had the same appeal. The second reason why I like it is the London setting. Springtime London showcases the film beautifully and in turn the romance of the film does for London what 'When Harry Met Sally' did for New York. The third reason why I like this film is simply Dustin Hoffman, possibly my favourite actor and here turning in a worthwhile, subtle performance.

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A Mystery, Wrapped Inside an Enigma, Wrapped Inside a Movie [27 Jul 2016|11:55pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

I've posted a review of the movie now known as Julia over at my journal.

Review: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/142547.html

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"GHOSTBUSTERS" (2016) Photo Gallery [26 Jul 2016|05:31pm]


"GHOSTBUSTERS" (2016) Photo Gallery

Here is a GALLERY featuring images from the new science-fiction/fantasy movie, "GHOSTBUSTERS". Directed by Paul Fieg, the movie stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.
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An Interesting Alternative to the Modern War Movie [23 Jul 2016|12:35pm]

[ mood | good ]

I've posted a review of All Quiet on the Western Front over at my journal.

Review: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/142143.html

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Identity Thief, The Heat & Ghostbusters Reboot [22 Jul 2016|12:55am]

[ mood | awake ]

I wasn't planning a Melissa McCarthy triple bill but on the run up to the release of Ghostbusters some of her other films appeared on TV, so I got one anyway:

Have you ever seen a comedy road movie where a really chaotic (secretly lonely) individual makes life really difficult for their ordinary (but quite uptight) travelling companion? It might have been Trains, Planes And Automobiles. It might even have been Due Date. It might even have been this. The three films are practically the same. I am not saying this is a bad film, I am just saying that it is so similar to the other two that it is pretty redundant before it starts - unless you want a triple bill of odd couple-road movies, in which case this is the third best of the available options.

I quite liked Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids but this is the second of her films I have seen since then (that I can remember) and I am starting to wonder about what it is I like. Clearly she is a funny lady and clearly her body type runs very different to the Hollywood norm and that is refreshing and welcome and lovely. Some of her choices though heave me a little baffled. If 'Identity Thief' is a paint by numbers version of 'that type' of road movie then 'The Heat' is the paint by numbers version of 'that type' of police movie - the 'odd couple - buddy cop' film. There is nothing I can point to in this film and say, 'It's bad because of this' especially of Melissa McCarthy herself - but the film is so derivative of other movies in the genre that it is almost equally impossible to find things that I really like.
I laughed once at this movie and it was at a line delivered by one of the very minor background characters. For much of the rest of the film I had at least half an eye on my watch, which is never a good sign for a movie.

atching the Ghostbusters reboot was always going to be a bit tricky. I was fully conscious during the film that I was not only measuring my enjoyment of the film in its own right but I was also constantly judging it against the original Ghostbusters movie - one of my all time favourites.
I think if this movie existed without the original version I would have very much championed this film. Its reasonably funny, has some good action and effects. The characters are quite striking/memorable and some of the chemistry between them is fun to watch. Where it falls little is that it will (in my mind and I think, others) is that it is quite pale compared to the beloved original. I do not think that that is just nostalgia talking, though there is plenty of that. The humour was mostly stronger in the original and the character chemistry definitely was. (The director, writers and much of the cast were (arguably) geniuses - the same cannot quite be said for the remake. The original also had another advantage - when it was released the original was like no other film ever, the reboot has plenty of similar films to be compared to, the original Ghostbusters movie obviously not least among them.
Things that I particularly enjoyed: The cameos were often very good. Casting Chris Hemsworth was a brilliant choice. Both films contained only one black ghostbuster but the reboot gave theirs much more space for comedy and personality (correcting a serious flaw in the original). Also to be considered is where can the film go from here. As we saw from the cameos, the surviving members of the original cast are hardly likely to be making Ghostbusters 3 anytime soon as much as many of us would love to see it. The reboot was good enough to make me feel open to the idea of another movie - somthing 'Ghostbusters 2' failed to achieve back in the day.

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[21 Jul 2016|05:32am]

Ghostbusters (2016)

I loved it. It starts off a bit slow, but quickly hits its stride. Funny script + funny cast + a good comedic director = awesomeness. I want to have Kate McKinnon's babies. Chris Hemsworth is so clearly enjoying himself. There are some cool cameos, too. Awesome fun all around. This is how you do a reboot. Go see it and laugh a lot. (Whoever created the first trailer did a very poor job, because it was a bad misrepresentation of the film.)
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Loaves, Fishes, and Dead Parrots [20 Jul 2016|11:39pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I've posted a review of Monty Python's Life of Brian over at my journal.

Review: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/141903.html

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Secret Agent Men [17 Jul 2016|10:32pm]

[ mood | content ]

I've posted a review of 2015's The Man From U.N.C.L.E. over at my journal.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/141591.html

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"DEADPOOL" (2016) Review [17 Jul 2016|11:44am]


"DEADPOOL" (2016) Review

I wrote a REVIEW of "DEADPOOL", the eighth entry in the "X-MEN" film series. Directed by Tim Miller, the movie stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.
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"X-MEN" Movies Ranking [13 Jul 2016|06:54pm]



Here is my RANKING of the eight "X-MEN" films released before this latest entry, "X-MEN: APOCALYPSE".
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Movies are a Writer's Best Friend [12 Jul 2016|11:54pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I've posted a review of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes over at my journal, as part of the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Challenge.

Review: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/141450.html

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"THE NICE GUYS" (2016) Photo Gallery [11 Jul 2016|07:02pm]


"THE NICE GUYS" (2016) Photo Gallery

Here is a GALLERY featuring images from the new comedy-thriller, "THE NICE GUYS". Directed and co-written by Shane Black, the movie stars Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.
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I'm not quite sure what the significance of the ball machines are, though. [10 Jul 2016|05:20pm]

[ mood | okay ]

I've posted a review of Fracture over at my journal.

Review here: http://allisontooey.livejournal.com/141124.html

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Railway Man & Now You See Me [09 Jul 2016|08:32pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Two movies I recently caught up with on TV.

Despite being a regular experience from childhood to adulthood its rare that I now catch movies for the first time on TV - anything I am interested in I usually catch in the cinema or on DVD long before it reaches mainstream telly. These are two recent exceptions:

Based on a real life memoir, Colin Firth plays a man quietly recovering from the trauma he suffered as a Prisoner Of War when he was tortured by his Japanese captors and forced to work on the construction of the Thai-Burma railway. We see Firth's character struggle to live with the after-effects as he meets and marries the love of his life. The juxtaposition of the flashback suffering with the sweet romance would probably make a decent film in its own right - especially with the performances we see here. The film then follows the real-life story one step further. Firth's character learns that his Japanese torturer is alive and well having come out of the post-war trials seemingly undamaged. Firth's character sets out to confront his former enemy, hoping that revenge will lay his ghosts to rest.
The final scenes play out with the two men back in the camp where they crossed paths during the war. For me, this final part of the film does not have the tension and power of the earlier parts. This is not the fault or poor writing - the story follows a real life story - but given the power of the earlier scenes the ending feels somewhat anti-climactic. The story is what it is with all its strengths and weaknesses and the film does pretty well in bringing it to the screen - but for me the power (and anything memorable) is all in the first half.

I missed this in the cinema and now the sequel is already out! Its a heist movie and is maybe most closely compared to Oceans 11 as a benchmark. The Heist(s) take on similar aspects. In the Oceans 11 movies the criminals as such experts in their fields (with huge pools of skills and experience to draw on) that they can effectively achieve any goal they set themselves. N.Y.S.M characters have much the same effect but rather than career criminals they are illusionists/magicians etc that are so highly skilled in their fields (with huge pools of skills and experience to draw on) that they can effectively achieve any goal they set themselves! Not that this isn't a fun to watch - it is! There are plenty of opportunities for great visuals and its quite an entertaining ride. What there isn't (even for a second) is any doubt that this talented crew are going to succeed in their plans entirely. Like the Oceans 11 characters the heist team are borderline superheroes in their abilities but I am pretty okay with that. There was not a lot of depth here (unsurprisingly) but its a pretty slick operation that's easy and entertaining to watch.

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"POLDRAK" (1996) Review [08 Jul 2016|12:44pm]


"POLDRAK" (1996) Review

I wrote this REVIEW of "POLDARK", the 1996 adaptation of Winston Graham's 1981 novel, "The Stranger From the Sea". Directed by Richard Laxton, the television movie starred John Bowe and Mel Martin.
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"POLDARK" (1996) Photo Gallery [08 Jul 2016|12:38pm]


"POLDARK" (1996) Photo Gallery

Here is a GALLERY featuring images from "POLDARK", the 1996 adaptation of Winston Graham's 1981 novel, "The Stranger From the Sea". Directed by Richard Laxton, the television movie starred John Bowe and Mel Martin.
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หนัง เฉินหลง 2016 For Bad Boys Only คู่เลว ดูหนังออนไลน์ [08 Jul 2016|03:08pm]

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"THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON" (2008) Photo Gallery [07 Jul 2016|05:25pm]



Here is a GALLERY featuring images from "THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON", the 2008 adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1922 short story. Directed by David Fincher, the movie starred Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.
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Mr Turner & Steve Jobs [06 Jul 2016|11:59pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Two Bio-pics:

Though familiar with his work, what I knew about the life of Turner would not have filled the back of a stamp. I would not normally trust a biopic to necessarily be a slave to accuracy but in the steady hands of writer/director Mike Leigh it creates the impression of being both well researched and beautifully realized. Great central and supporting performances from Tim Spall and others make this a particularly engaging watch. It also helps that many of the frames are as artfully framed as any of Turners paintings - and the bringing to life of his most famous works is a considerable achievement. For this element in particular I regret not catching the film in a proper cinema when I had the chance.

In recent years there has been a glut of biopics featuring people in whom I have less than zero interest. I wouldn't put Steve Jobs in the same category as The Queen, Margaret Thatcher or Princess Diana but in terms of my total lack of interest it's pretty close. I dislike Apple products and have even more strongly negative feelings about the way they do business. My lack of interest in this subject was pretty much total - yet the film was actually pretty watchable. Is has not made me think of Steve jobs as any less of a douche bag but the look behind the scenes of his industry (and his life) is brought compellingly to life with some really nice performances. I doubt I will ever watch this movie again but I do not regret the time I gave to watching it once - and coming from me that is considerable praise. I haven't changed my mind about apple products though - my vow to never willingly own one still stands!

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หนัง จีน ตลก หนัง ใหม่ 2016 | สู้ กลับ ไป ที่ โรงเรียน 2 | พากย์ ไทย เต็ม เรื่อง [06 Jul 2016|08:11pm]

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